by Chris Rich, award-winning comedian from Comedy Central

Last night the side-splitting musical comedy team of Tom Orr and Meagan Hill took a packed room of shopping-weary, well-behaved parents and professionals and transformed them into a playground of singing, swaying kids whose only mission statement now was their burning, oft-repeated determination to be "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."

Like two fantastically funny, but somehow forgotten Dickens Spirits, Meagan and Tom guide us past the commercialism of our holiday lives with natural healing exercises like "Frosty the Beer Mug" to dispel the horror when you open your big gift to discover "It's a Fruitcake!" Failing that, it might be time to feel closer to god by getting up on the roof with "O Tannenbong."

Tom and Meagan are so hypnotically entertaining throughout the high-energy, consistently hilarious show full of powerhouse parodies, props, and puns, that when they suddenly switch gears to a simply lovely non-parody, like their reverential "Christmas Time is Here", a gorgeous blending that instantly made me picture the Ferro-Rocher ad that shows a smiling chef pouring together the two swirls of velvety chocolate. The clowns had big-shoe shuffled off the stage and in their place stood two sparkling-eyed children gazing at their first Christmas Tree. The same feelings soared with "We Three Kings" and "Put a Little Love in Your Heart." The traditionally presented Carols were stunners, heart-stopping time machines zooming back to childhood.

Meagan and Tom are performers of such high caliber you're reminded of the Carol Burnett Show, and at one point the regular cast is ably aided and abetted by the "surprise guest" of "Bad Santa", the mercilessly funny Steve Lobis, playing the neighborhood Santa we all remember who smelled an awful lot like an elf drinking from the lower shelf. Everyone's timing and control was wonderful, each time Tom and Meagan swayed their hands it was like they had puppet strings on the audience.

In the midst of our relentless, repetitive consumer's education from TV and print ads that the holidays are only merry if we "spend without end", the almighty dollar School of Thinking, thank god Tom & Meagan are here to take us to recess!