"It" is a Hit!!!!

Stuart Duncan of  TimeOFF says "I just plain had more fun at this show than any in three or four years...for some reason The It Girl at Off-Broadstreet in Hopewell had me in stitches all evening and feeling good for a long time afterwards." Click here for the complete review.

Michael Kownacky of  the Trenton Times says "The It Girl is nicely performed nostalgic fun filled with wonderful one-liners and double entendres that are sure to lighten the heart of anyone. If you need a happy break from your routine, this might just prove the best ticket in the area."

Joan Crespi of  US1 says "This is an energetic, vivacious cast. They act with their whole bodies, and show their feelings with mobile faces....this musical, with its flamboyant performance by Diaforli-Day and the rest of an energetic cast, has It."  

Click Here for the Feature Article in the Trenton Times